Using Nitrogen Confidently
Seminar Proceedings, April 1999, Edited by Frank McKenzie


Forward and Glossary

Chapter1: Getting the Most Out of Nitrogen on Grazed Pastures - Frank McKenzie

Chapter 2: Clover Nitrogen or Fertiliser Nitrogen? - Frank McKenzie

Chapter 3: The Environmental Impact of Nitrogen Fertiliser Use on Dairy Pasture - Richard Eckard and Malcolm McCaskill

Chapter 4: Nitrogen for Silage Production - Joe Jacobs

Chapter 5: The Effect of Nitrogen Fertiliser Use on Dairy Cow Health and Production - Richard Eckard

Chapter 6: Nitrogen Fertiliser Effects on Perennial Ryegrass Nutritive and Nitrate Content - Joe Jacobs and Frank McKenzie

Chapter 7: Applying Nitrogen Under Dry Soil Conditions - How Wise Is It? - Frank McKenzie

Chapter 8: Guidelines for Nitrogen Fertiliser Use - Frank McKenzie

Produced by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment: April 1999
Address all inquiries to: Frank McKenzie, Department of Natural Resources and Environment, 78 Henna Street, Warrnambool, Victoria 3280, Australia

Data from a completed project funded by DPI and the Dairy Research & Development Corporation

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