Environmental Impact and Nitrogen Cycling Research

(now concluded)

Nitrogen loss studies are being conducted at the Ellinbank and Demo Dairy, Terang research sites, by Project Staff from both ILFR, The University of Melbourne, and the Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

At the Ellinbank site measurements are made of:

* Nitrate leaching  (see Fig 1)
* Ammonia volatilisation (see Fig 3)
* Denitrification (see Fig 4)Rich in the pit

Fig 1. Tipping Bucket samplers for estimation of nitrate leaching

In order to close the nitrogen cycle, additional measurements include:

* Soil Ammonia and Nitrate
* Milk volume and N content
* Dung and urine N content
* Grass and clover N content
* Pasture species composition
* A fully automatic weather station (see Fig 2)
* Soil Moisture - using a Gopher Probe (see Fig 5)

Rich downloading weather data

Fig 2. Downloading weather data from Automatic Weather Station

Belinda and Judie putting up ammonia tubs

Fig 3. Towers for the measurement of Ammonia Volatilisation

Paul gassing denitrification cores

Fig 4. Paul Durling flushing denitrification chambers with acetylene

Paul taking Gopher readings

Fig 5. Paul Durling measuring soil moisture with a GOPHER probe

Belinda in the poo

Fig 6. "Where did that extra nitrogen go?" Dung and urine sampling.

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